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If a number is blocked it won’t get through. The number has probably changed slightly.
Write the number down carefully from your caller ID and program it again to block it
with the code * * 7 # (beep) NUMBER # (beep).

The best way to block VISIBLE CALLER ID calls, is to use the BLOCK NOW button or press # 2 on a wireless DECT handset. However, sometimes a customer may forget to press the BLOCK NOW button or may not be at home when the phone rings. If this happens, you can manually program the numbers into the call blocker. To do this you need to have the unit wired up IN-LINE as below and key in
* * 7 # (beep) NUMBER # (beep). If the calls aren’t getting blocked via this method, then you may need to enter in the Country codes too as the caller ID can vary overseas and broadcast the Country code. So it will need to be entered like so…

* * 7 # (beep) NUMBER # (beep)
* * 7 # (beep) 1 NUMBER # (beep).
* * 7 # (beep) 01 NUMBER # (beep).
* * 7 # (beep) 001 NUMBER # (beep)

This is the correct setup when your phone line connection comes from a Cable VOIP Router such as Ooma, Comcast, Century TEL/Link, Cox, AT&T, Verizon FIOS, Magic Jack, etc…

IN-LINE (SERIES) – Standard Set Up


IN-PARALLEL (via splitter and additional line cable supplied)

Only use this connection if you are unfortunate enough to lose caller ID on your line when the call blocker is attached.



How to add an Answer Machine to a CPR Call Blocker

  1. How to add an Answer Machine to a CPR Call Blocker

     You will need to use a splitter/doubler jack in your main

    master socket and run the main telephone line cable from the phone in one end which will
    then run into your call blocker through the LINE 1 or 2 port (depending on your make of phone).
    The short black cable is then plugged into port TEL 1 or 2 (again depending on the make
    of phone) and the other end goes back into your phone. The line cable from your answering
    machine is then plugged into the remaining port of the splitter/doubler whilst the other end goes
    directly to the answering machine.



You will not BLOCK family and friends from overseas by using the code

* * 7 # * #

That will only block anonymous INTERNATIONAL/OUT OF AREA type calls with
no caller ID information. For any legitimate calls there will always be a number showing and these are blocked with the BLOCK NOW button. You can block INTERNATIONAL calls with a preceding number via the code

* * 7 # 00 #

But this would block relatives too, so don’t input this code unless you wish to block your relatives/friends.