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    Here are a list of common FAQ’s asked by our CPR Call Blocker customers.  If there isn’t an answer to a question you wish to enquire about, then please  feel free to contact us directly via phone or email:  support@cprcallblocker.com
    or contact us by phone…

    UK customers call 0800 652 7780 between 09:00am – 18:00pm Monday to Friday  and between 10:00am – 14:00pm on Saturday.

    U.S customers call 408 872 6822 between 05:00am – 14:00pm (EDT) Monday to Friday.

    Australian customers call 02 8005 5793 between 09:00am – 18:00pm (UK TIME).
    This is usually 8-9 hours ahead in Australian Time 17:00pm/18:00pm/19:00pm – 02:00am/03:00am/04:00am.


    Q. The CPR Call Blocker leads are too small to fit my phone socket?

    A. All UK/Worldwide phones use standard BT Male to RJ11/RJ11 connector phone cables. These cables simply unplug from the back/underside of your phone and then plug into the LINE 2 port of The CPR Call Blocker. The short black cable supplied with The CPR Call Blocker then plugs into port TEL 2 of The CPR Call Blocker and the other end goes back into your phone. (Most phones use ports LINE 2 and TEL 2 and some older UK model phones will tend to use ports LINE 1 and TEL 1.) Ring us on 0800 652 7780 (UK), 408 872 6822 (U.S.A) or 02 8005 5793 (Australia) if you need further assistance in setting up The CPR Call Blocker.


    Q. How much power does the CPR Call Blocker use?

    A. The CPR Call Blocker uses only the power from your telephone line, which is of no cost to you!


    Q. What if there is a power cut?

    A. The CPR Call Blocker uses the power from your telephone line, so there would be no interference.


    Q. Which network providers do the CPR Call Blocker support?

    A. The CPR Call Blocker will work on standard domestic telephone lines from all the main telephone providers in the UK, including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Sky, etc. It will also
    work with all providers in the U.S.A, such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Ooma, Straight Talk, Century Link/Tel, Time Warner, Cox Communications, etc.


    Q. Do I need caller ID for this product to work?

    A. Yes. Caller ID is vital for the CPR Call Blocker to function correctly. This feature must be enabled on your telephone line from your provider for the product to work effectively. Caller ID is usually available for free while other providers may charge a small monthly fee. Ring
    your telephone provider to enquire and get it activated.


    Q. Will The CPR Call Blocker work with my SMS/Text messaging phones?

    A. Some modern phones can send and receive text messages (SMS phones). The CPR Call Blocker will still allow your phone to send and receive text messages without any problems.


    Q. Can I use any telephone with The CPR Call Blocker?

    A. The CPR Call Blocker will work with a wide range of telephone equipment – cordless DECT phones, cordless analogue phones, corded phones and text message phones.


    Q. I have cable TV, will The CPR Call Blocker affect it?

    A. No, it will not interfere with your cable TV viewing.


    Q. I have a personal Panic Alarm, will The CPR Call Blocker affect this?

    No, it won’t. We have contacted all the major suppliers of these devices and all have said that it would be compatible together with a personal panic alarm system. All they would request is that when you purchase one, you give them a call and tell them about your call blocker . We can then advise you of how to correctly set it up by using a splitter or directly through the pendant alarm system itself. Ring us if you need more assistance.


    Q. Can I manually program The CPR Call Blocker?

    You can manually program the CPR Call Blocker if you wish, but the CPR unique ‘BLOCK NOW‘ Button is the easiest way of blocking an unwanted callers’ number.


    Q. Does The CPR Call Blocker work with answering machines?

    A. The CPR Call Blocker shouldn’t interfere with the functionality of answering machines. However, if you do experience problems with your answer machines, try lowering the amount of rings on your phone to correct any issues you may be receiving.


    Q. Can I use The CPR Call Blocker at work?

    A. The CPR Call Blocker is designed for home telephone lines, but it will also work on Digital PBX switchboard systems with an analogue handset plugged into the call group – email or
    contact us for more information.


    Q. Can I use The CPR Call Blocker with extension telephone sockets?

    A. Yes, you can but problems can arise. If you wish to have several phones around the house it is better to use a modern DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone) phone with multiple cordless handsets. This way The CPR Call Blocker can protect all of the phones linked to the main base station at the main master socket to avoid problems with intermittence and ringing issues when using separate phones on different sockets, which only complicates things and will overload your line.


    Q. I have friends and relatives overseas, would it still block their calls?

    A. No, only if you manually program the unit to block all international ’00’ calls.


    Q. I have friends and relatives who withhold their number, would it still block their calls?

    A. No, only if you manually program the unit to block all WITHHELD/PRIVATE calls. (Relatives, friends and numbers of importance can still dial 1470 (UK) or *82 (U.S.A) to override the WITHHELD/PRIVATE blocking code though, but you would need to tell these callers to do this as they may not be aware that you are blocking such calls. So they would basically dial 1470 or * 82 before your actual number and they can then bypass the block for that one call.


    Q. How many numbers can The CPR Call Blocker Block?

    A. The call blocker is already pre-programmed with 200 cold caller numbers and you have the ability to block a further 1000 numbers or area codes.


    Q. The Call Blocker seems to be blocking all calls, what could be the problem?

    A. This is most likely down to intermittent caller ID caused by a faulty/poor quality ADSL/DSL broadband filter. Try removing the filter to see if this fixes the issue and replace it if necessary with a top quality ADSL/DSL filter such as NETGEAR, BELKIN, D-LINK or ADSL NATION XF1e branded filters. This problem can also be down to having too many devices attached to your line, so try disconnecting some equipment to see if it resolves the issue, also.


    Q. When I call home from work, my number is WITHHELD. Will I still be able to call home from work with The CPR Call blocker?

    A. Yes, but if you have the WITHHELD/PRIVATE blocking function turned ON, you will need to dial 1470 (UK) or *82 (U.S.A) before your number so that it unmasks the number you are calling from and successfully lets your call through.


    Q. Will The CPR Call Blocker work in The USA, Australia, Canada, & South America, etc?

    A. Yes, The CPR Call Blocker has the ability to work world-wide, but if you have a weak caller ID signal (U.S.A/Canada), then you may have to setup the call blocker IN-PARALLEL as opposed to IN-LINE by using a splitter and an additional line cable (which is supplied in the box for overseas customers).


    Q. Will The CPR Call Blocker work on my broadband line?

    The CPR Call Blocker will work happily alongside your broadband connection. If your broadband is supplied by Fibre Optic – just unplug your telephone lead from the phone and plug it into The Call Blocker. If your broadband is through ADSL/DSL copper network, you need to wire up the device with an ADSL/DSL filter to stop your telephone and broadband signals conflicting with each other. Use only top quality ADSL/DSL filters and all should be fine, also.

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