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    I tried to set this up for my elderly mom who keeps getting one irritating call almost every day from the same number. I tried every code and alternate code method to enter this number to block without success.

    I kept hoping this number would call while I was there so I could just hit the block button. My mom can’t move well and usually can never get to the phone to block a call herself.

    I did some research and found that I could spoof a call using the irritating number as the caller ID to my mom’s phone so I could block it. You can google this, but I used Spooftel that has a free trial.

    I used my cell phone to spoof a call to her phone using the irritating number in the caller ID. Then I was there to hit the block button as the call came in. Now that number is blocked. You could do the same with any number you want to block.

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