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    To use the #2 remote blocking feature, you must first ANSWER the call before dialling # key then the 2 key

    Try calling from another line, such as a mobile/cell phone, then ANSWER the call on your land line phone, and try blocking by pressing the # key then the 2 key

    If you are doing this correctly and the call is NOT being blocked;

    First, we need to double check the set up you’re using with the CPR Call Blocker is the STANDARD set up and NOT PARALLEL as PARALLEL will not work when trying to program – this includes the #2 programming code

    This would be from Wall Jack/Modem to LINE jack (NOT LINE 1, TEL or TEL 1) AND the BLACK cable is used from the TEL jack (NOT TEL 1, LINE or LINE 1) to the back or base of the phone directly

    If you NEED to use the PARALLEL set up or if you’re using the STANDARD set up and the #2 method still is not working for you then recommended solution to this would be to allow the call to end or hang up, then move to the Call Blocker – which will store the LAST 20 NUMBERS to call them, find the caller they you wish to block on the recent CALL LIST, then, while the number is on the screen, press the BLOCK NOW button

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