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    Any way to block the following number?


    This showed up in both the name and phone number on my caller ID.

    This showed up as the number on my CPR5000…


    Again, is there any way to block it?

    Thanks. :).



    Hi Dino,

    You can block this number on you V5000 by entering manually. To do this please ensure that you are in the standard set up, then generate a dial tone and press and hold the block now button until you hear a beep.

    Once you get the beep input:

    **7# (you will hear another beep) 120355775088 # (final beep will be heard)

    Alternatively you do not have to enter the full number, if you do not receive any genuine calls from the area code 203 you can input

    **7# 1203 #

    However if you do receive genuine calls from 203, you have the option to block out the majority of the number, therefore input instead

    **7# 12035577 #

    Unwanted callers tend to change the last few digits of the number, therefore by doing this instead, you will prevent them from being able to change the last few digits.

    Kind Regards
    Cassie Barfoot


    Thanks, Cassie, for your reply.

    I had area code 203 already blocked so I was surprised when that number got through. It should have been blocked. After that I added 1203. Hopefully, that works. Notice how many digits there are in this number…


    There are 12. At most there should only be 11. That number showed up on my CPR5000. I hope this scammer hasn’t found a way around call blockers. A very perplexing phone call indeed.

    Thanks, again, and happy holidays to you and yours, and the CPR support staff.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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