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    Where should I locate my CPR Call Blocker?
    You should plug the CPR Call Blocker into the MAIN TELEPHONE SOCKET in your
    house. We recommend you have a DECT cordless phone system (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone) which is also ideal if you require multiple phones in different rooms of your house. We don’t advise you to use extension sockets with separate phones as these will cause problems.

    I can hear a faint buzzing sound when I am talking on the phone.
    Some cordless phone base stations are not properly shielded and can sometimes cause interference if they are near any electrical equipment. Try moving your Call Blocker unit a few inches away from your phone’s base station to reduce the interference. Also, make sure you have top quality ADSL broadband filters on the socket. If you do, it could require changing.

    Can I use the CPR Call Blocker with a VOIP (Voice Over IP service)?
    Voice Over IP dialling systems don’t transmit Caller ID and tend to send Caller ID in the American format rather than the UK format, so unfortunately, Call Blocker won’t work with ‘VOIP systems’ (e.g…Skype on a PC, Laptop, iPad, etc) as it needs the Caller ID to be able to work correctly.

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