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    If you’re having issues where the answering machine is not triggering, this is usually because the Call Blocker silences the first 1 or 2 ‘rings’ on the line while it checks the block list, meaning some answering machines do not get the number of ‘rings’ it is usually expecting before triggering

    The answering machine should allow you to set the number of rings it requires before taking the call, try decreasing/increasing the number rings it awaits before taking the call

    If this does not work, please try the IN-PARALLEL set up described in your User Guide, the link below should also help with this set up and should resolve this issue;

    If you have a separate answering machine that is NOT built into the telephone handset or base unit, you should be able to connect the CPR Call Blocker to the PHONE in the STANDARD / SERIES set up and connect the Answering machine in PARALLEL to the Call Blocker and phone using a LINE SPLITTER as per the diagram below;

    If you have any problems with this set up or need further assistance contact us

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