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    CPR Callblocker is doing its job ok; but something has been happening recently to limit its effectiveness.
    The “scammers” have started calling using (or spoofing) a near unlimited amount of random IDs/numbers.
    Thus, the scammer can call repeatedly (you won’t even know it’s the same one!), always staying one step ahead of being permanently blocked.
    The likelihood the same scammer will call again using the exact same number is now slim, with slim just packing its
    bags. The usefulness of blocking a number that will never call again is kind of moot. I think this is fast becoming the
    trend, and now a required element of “Scamology 101.”.

    Second, the auto-dialing systems employed by the scammers make no distinction between a call that
    goes to voicemail; a call that rings 1, 2 or 3 times; a call to a wrong
    number; a call to a dead line; or a call that simply doesn’t ring at all because CPR blocked it.
    Their systems only distinguish between a live person picking up the phone, or no live person; understandably, that’s all
    they care about. Thus, not knowing the reason the call went unanswered, they keep calling (hoping a sucker will
    eventually pick up), and as I said, from an exhaustive store of completely different numbers.


    Hello Mark

    To ensure that scam callers cannot get through with variation numbers, when they do call you with a number, you can block all subsequent numbers and all deviants using this method.

    Pick up the phone (no dial tone yet) using the telephone keypad, enter:
    * * 7 # full number with area code # 1 full number with area code # 01 full number with area code # 001 full number with area code # then press the talk/call/dial button to allow the code to go through. Once completed, hang up the call.

    All variations of the main number will NOT be able to call through in future.

    Kind Regards
    CPR Call Blocker Support
    USA: 408-872-6822 Mon-Fri 4am-5pm EST
    UK: 01792 342 708 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm


    But if you do what you are suggesting, won’t you be blocking all callers with that area code and exchange, including legit ones?

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