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    OPERATION FAQsI’m not receiving the calls from some/all of my callers.
    There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving a call:-
    Your telephone company may not be passing Caller ID on to you – Caller ID is available on most networks free of charge while some may charge a small monthly fee. Call Blocker gives you maximum control over the calls you receive if you have Caller ID service so we recommend that you ask your network provider to switch it on otherwise the Call Blocker will block ALL of your calls.


    The Caller ID function is intermittent – The Caller ID may not be displaying the number on your Caller ID display correctly. We recommend that you unplug anything that is plugged into your telephone socket (ADSL/DSL Micro-filters, SKY TV boxes, Alarm Systems, etc) and run the phone cable directly into the socket to test the Caller ID. If this resolves the problem, we urge you to replace your filters or purchase top quality ones (NETGEAR, D-LINK, BELKIN & ADSL NATION XF1E) and use these.

    CPR Call Blocker’s red LED lights come on even though I’m not making a call.

    This may be because another attached device – like an answering machine, fax machine or an alarm system – is making or receiving a call on the line. We would advise you to disconnect these to get full use from the CPR Call Blocker.

    When I receive a call, the phone attached to the CPR Call Blocker rings, but my extension phones don’t ring.
    The CPR Call Blocker is designed to protect all the phones plugged into it from nuisance calls. If you have additional phones plugged into extension sockets, these will not ring if CPR Call Blocker has intercepted the call. If you wish to continue using several phones around the house, we would recommend using a DECT cordless phone system with multiple handsets (also known as a Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone setup).

    CPR Call Blocker seems to be interfering with my broadband service.
    The CPR Call Blocker will work happily alongside your broadband connection, but it is essential that you plug it into the main telephone wall socket via a broadband splitter (ADSL micro-filter). You will almost certainly have one already installed. Try changing your ADSL filters to top quality filters if you are still having issues.

    I sometimes get a short ring on an extension phone when I receive a call.
    The CPR Call Blocker is designed to protect the phones plugged into it from nuisance calls. If you have additional phones plugged into extension sockets, we would recommend you either disconnect those phones or set them to ‘silent ring’. Alternatively, you may want to change to a multiple cordless phone system also known as a DECT setup (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone).


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