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    Please note, the Call Blocker is designed to work on a single line, however,

    If you are able to isolate a single line then you can use the call blocker on a multiple line system.

    To do so you would need to purchase a line splitter containing the number of lines you have going into your phone, so if it’s a 2 line system, the Line Splitter would state, L1, L2 and L1+L2 on the ports.

    This would need to be placed into the wall jack to isolate the lines, then each port of this splitter corresponding to the number of lines you have (i.e. L1 & L2) would have a normal telephone cable placed into the splitter L1 & L2 ports, the end of the cable or cables corresponding to the lines you are not blocking calls on will go directly into the same line ports in your telephone.  The end of the cable for the line you are blocking calls on will go into the call blocker LINE port (LINE2 port for V202) then using the small black cable provided, one end goes into the TEL port of the call blocker and the other end into the corresponding Line port in your phone that you will be blocking calls on.

    If you wished to block calls on all lines, the lines would still need to be individually isolated as above and all cables would be connected into individual call blockers as described above for the lines you wish to block calls on and then from the call blocker TEL port to the corresponding ports in the telephone.

    If you need further clarification on this, please feel free to contact us directly.

    Kind Regards
    CPR  Technical Support
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