The best way to block VISIBLE CALLER ID calls, is to use the BLOCK NOW button or press # 2 on a wireless DECT handset. However, sometimes a customer may forget to press the BLOCK NOW button or may not be at home when the phone rings. If this happens, you can manually program the numbers into the call blocker. To do this you need to have the unit wired up IN-LINE as below and key in
* * 7 # (beep) NUMBER # (beep). If the calls aren’t getting blocked via this method, then you may need to enter in the Country codes too as the caller ID can vary overseas and broadcast the Country code. So it will need to be entered like so…

* * 7 # (beep) NUMBER # (beep)
* * 7 # (beep) 1 NUMBER # (beep).
* * 7 # (beep) 01 NUMBER # (beep).
* * 7 # (beep) 001 NUMBER # (beep)